St. Peter’s Staff

FrTimGadziala Pastor: Reverend Timothy Gadziala, JCL
emily Business Manager: Emily Mansour
AdministrativeAssistant Administrative Assistant: Helga Kienlin
Director of Religious Education: Emily Purcell
YouthMinister Youth Minister: Dave Bergeron and Adriana Munoz
MusicDirector Music Director: Rachel Krimm
Custodian Custodian: Robert Jennings

2 thoughts on “St. Peter’s Staff

  1. Melody Tresca

    Father Tim, please pray for Don Tresca, parishioner of St. Elizabeth Anne Seaton. Don has been diagnosed with 7 blood clots in his legs. 4 clots I one leg and 3 in the other leg. Both legs a very painful and he has been told by his doctor to stay off his feet as much as possible and to keep his legs elevated. Don is very disappointed about missing the meeting tomorrow morning and Mass Sunday.
    God Bless You Father Tim
    Melody Tresca

  2. Melody Tresca

    Sending you warm wishes for your recovery. Please take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. We love you and need you and you need to think only of your own health and wellbeing right now. You have worn yourself out taking care of all of your parishioners. Now its time for you to get some long needed rest.
    Love, Don and Melody Tresca

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