Reminder: Fourth Sunday of Advent / Christmas Mass Schedule

The following is a reminder of this weekend’s Mass schedule. Please remember that the Fourth Sunday of Advent Masses do not fulfill the obligation for Christmas Masses. The Christmas Eve Mass at 4:00pm will focus on the children, and the Christmas Eve Mass at 10:00pm will be preceded with Christmas Carols beginning at 9:30 pm.

Fourth Sunday of Advent Masses:

Saturday, December 23rd 6:00 pm @St. Peter’s
Sunday, Christmas Eve (12/24) 10:00 am (bilingual) @St. Peter’s
Sunday, Christmas Eve (12/24) 2:00 pm @St. Elizabeth’s

Christmas Masses:

Sunday, Christmas Eve (12/24) 4:00 pm @St. Peter’s
Sunday, Christmas Eve (12/24) 10:00 pm @St. Peter’s
Monday, Christmas Day (12/25) 9:00 am @St. Peter’s
Monday, Christmas Day (12/25) 12:00 pm @St. Elizabeth’s

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