Parish Directory – Online Registration

Planning for our new parish directory is underway and our goal is to include everyone in the parish!
In addition to the regular registration opportunities following Mass on specific weekends, you can
now reserve your photography session online! Our online reservation site is located at, you can also find a link to the
online reservation page on our church website at Some key points to
remember when booking your appointment online: 1) You must enter the number of persons in
your group first. A group is defined as each family that has a separate listing in the directory. If you have a multi-generational
family and you also want a group photo of the entire family, you will need to list each group (separate listing) in subsequent time slots when registering. Please note that all members of a multi-generational family MUST arrive at the first time slot to accommodate enough time for each group photo session as well as the multi- generational photo session.2) If your immediate family has more than 7 persons it will automatically allocate 2 slots. Remember each family group needs to have their own slot (the slot will correspond to a listing in the directory) Any family or friends that are not part of the parish that want a photo need a separate slot even though they will not be in the directory.3) Each time slot denotes the arrival time only. Please allow up to one hour for each photo session. There are explicit directions on the website for registration. If you have any difficulties with the online reservation site, please contact Debby Rand at 706-756-2695.

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