Knights of Columbus – Monastery Product Sale

St. Benedict’s simple motto reflects the goal at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit: To serve and contemplate God in all we do. The monks at the Monastery of the Holy spirit believe that work done for the sake of love, as they strive to remain open to the Holy Spirit, is itself a form of prayer. It is in this spirit that the monks produce and offer their handmade food items to you and your loved ones. The monk’s monastic labor at making fruitcake, fudge and biscotti is an important part of their life. Primarily, it helps provide them with the financial means to support themselves. The Knights of Columbus will be selling monastery products in the Papal Hallway following all Masses on the weekends of December 9/10, and December 16/17. At times of celebration, the monks hope you will find their quality handmade food products useful in expressing your love and thoughtfulness to loved ones in your life.

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