Help Wanted!!!

St. Peter’s PREP (Parish Religious Education
Program) is seeking catechists! If you are a faith
-filled individual, enjoy being with children,
and feel that God is calling you to get more
involved, contact Emily Purcell about teaching
this year. No education experience is necessary, you will never be teaching by yourself, and the curriculum is provided! We need adults who would be available as regular weekly teachers for elementary students, as well as some who would be willing to be on our substitute list. If you have considered helping with our PREP program in the past, but were not sure if you could commit to being there regularly, then please consider giving subbing a try! You would only assist as needed, and when you are available. PREP meets Sunday mornings from 9:30 – 10:45.

New this year… childcare is available during PREP time! If youwould like to teach, but have a child under the age of 4 that is not yet able to attend PREP, that is no longer an issue! Contact Emily Purcell if you would be interested in teaching and would need the PREP nursery, or if you would like to volunteer with our PREP nursery. (The nursery during 9:30-10:45 would be available for children of catechists/volunteers only.)

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