Adaptive Education

Adaptive Religious Education Program

Children with special needs are afforded the same opportunities for Religious Education as every other child. Although many programs attempt to implement a curriculum where children with special needs are grouped with each other in Adaptive Education sessions, St. Peter’s PREP makes every attempt to incorporate a relational experience for each child, based on their own level of need, in order to keep them integrated with the children in their own age group to develop and increase the sense of true community within the classroom.

If a specific situation requires an Adaptive Religious Education experience for an individual within our program, we will work with the parents and/or guardians of that child to develop the necessary program that fits their needs.

Registration forms for children with special needs are the same as those used throughout PREP, just be sure to indicate the special needs of the child being registered.

St. Peter’s PREP utilizes the Alive in Christ curriculum along with other core materials to ensure our children receive proper catechesis that adheres to strong Catholic values while applying those lessons to the real world in which they find themselves today. PREP is held on Sunday mornings between the two masses from 9:30 AM – 10:45 AM.

Registration for the 2018-2019 school year is open now, with the registration deadline of August 19, 2018. PREP is open year-round, and new families are encouraged to register their child(ren) anytime. PREP sessions begin on Sunday, August 26, 2018. There is a nominal fee of $35 per child, with a maximum of $100 per family, for books and other necessary supplies. Please contact the Director of Religious Education, Emily Purcell at if you have any questions regarding St. Peter’s PREP.

Click here to complete your PREP registration online*.

*Payment for all registrations is due in the Religious Education office prior to the registration deadline.

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