Faithful ServantCongratulations to Ms. Emmaline Joseph, St. Peter's Faithful Servant for 2014.
Christmas Eve Mass
Nativity FestivalWe would like to thank everyone who came out to view the beautiful Nativity sets during this year's Nativity Festival in the Parish Hall.


frpatscully2Welcome to St. Peter’s in LaGrange … a place where we pray you find “a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15).

We love to gather together and eat. Whether it’s a pot luck lunch in Advent or a fish fry during Lent, whether it’s a Mercy Meal or a St. Patrick’s day dinner party, all provide occasions for digesting our faith, speaking of our hope and serving with love. Yet, we believe nothing satisfies us more than the “bread of life and the chalice of salvation” at Mass (Eucharistic Prayer # 2). This is the real reason for our hope and what impels us in our various ministries. We strive to do it all in memory of Him. We would love to share the smorgasbord of who we are with you as we grow together in our Catholic faith.

Please consider making St. Peter’s a place where you eat, pray, love and find reason for the hope that is in you.

Peace be with you.

– Father Patrick Scully (Pastor)

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St. Peter's Liturgical Schedule

April 2, 2015
18:30 - Mass of the Lord's Supper
April 3, 2015
18:30 - Service of the Word & Veneration of the Cross
April 4, 2015
20:00 - Mass
20:00 - Mass Intention: People of the Parish
April 5, 2015
08:00 - Mass (English)
08:00 - Mass Intention: Frances Solomon (†)
11:00 - Mass (English)
11:00 - Mass Intention: Irene Kustermann (†)
16:00 - Mísa (Español)
16:00 - Mass Intention: Alfred Mansour (†)
April 6, 2015
18:30 - NO MASS
April 8, 2015
09:00 - Mass
09:00 - Mass Intention: Frances Solomon (†)
April 11, 2015
18:00 - Mass
18:00 - Mass Intention: People of the Parish
April 12, 2015
08:00 - Mass Intention: Rick Spaulding (†)
08:00 - Mass (English)
11:00 - Mass (English)
11:00 - Mass Intention: Rita Kitts (†)
16:00 - Mísa (Español)
16:00 - Mass Intention: Tommy Mike (†)

Liturgy of the Hours

Office of Readings
Invitatory Psalm
Lauds (Morning Prayer)
Terce (Mid-Morning Prayer)
Sext (Midday Prayer)
None (Afternoon Prayer)
Vespers (Evening Prayer)
Compline (Night Prayer)
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